Properly selected legal advice in the area of real estate is the most solid foundation.

Most lawyers believe that they can advise in this area, but only a few of them are real experts. The real estate area requires professional theoretical and practical knowledge. Each mistake can cost a lot and most importantly – it can be indelible. Thanks to many years of practice, our lawyers can provide the necessary guarantees for the success of the undertaking. Check how we can support your venture

Real estate

  • legal advice to Polish and foreign entities purchasing real estate , including obtaining the necessary approvals and permits,
  • legal advice on investments, in particular in commercial buildings, residential and industrial construction,
  • legal services during the entire construction process, including preparation of contracts for the general implementation of investments, contracts for design works, contracts for construction works or subcontracts,
  • consultancy in the field of development projects,
  • negotiating and preparing lease and rental agreements as well as real estate management agreements,
  • analyzing the legal status of real estate, also with respect to environmental protection aspects, including for the purpose of obtaining financing,
  • advice on the return of property,
  • assessment of the legitimacy of restitution proceedings and other claims “directed” to real estate,
  • consultancy in regulating the legal status of real estate, in particular in proceedings regarding adverse possession (Usucaption) and the termination of joint ownership of real estate,
  • legal advice in the process of obtaining financing for the investment process,
  • legal advice regarding housing communities,
  • representing clients in administrative and court proceedings.

Because our many years of experience speaks for us, which is particularly important in the area of real estate. As part of the projects we have realized, we prepared a package of model contracts for construction investments, advised on negotiating long-term contracts for the lease of buildings and commercial premises, as well as contracts for the management of office buildings or buildings intended for educational activities. In addition, we advise real estate developers and buyers on a daily basis, which means that we know and understand the expectations of both parties in the process.