Today, the issue of personal data protection concerns each and every one of us.

Our lawyers advise clients from all industries in identifying areas in which personal data are processed. We help in developing procedures to ensure that appropriate measures and solutions are in place to guarantee the protection and legal compliance of such processing. We also support private individuals in cases of violation of the processing of their data. Check how we can ensure the security of your data.

Personal data protection

  • legal advice in internal data processing audits, in particular those carried out for the purposes of ensuring the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR,
  • developing internal documentation related to the processing of personal data,
  • legal advice in obtaining consents for the processing of personal data,
  • legal advice in creating documentation ensuring compliance with the so-called information obligation, including website privacy policies, and developing model consent documents for the processing of personal data,
  • legal advice on the application of the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default,
  • preparing and reviewing agreements for personal data processing for processing to by third parties,
  • legal advice in the area of processing specific categories of data (sensitive data), in particular health data, by entities on the medical services market,
  • legal advice in the field of data processing protection in outsourcing contracts and in data migration processes, including for institutions operating on the regulated market.

Because we’ve been working on issues concerning personal data for many years. We helped our clients ensure the compliance of personal data processing with the Data Protection Act, which was in force for over 20 years, and currently we advise them on implementing the changes resulting from the GDPR. We advise entities of various industries, including those processing data on a large scale, providing electronic services or operating on regulated markets.