M&A transactions and transformations are an integral part of the functioning of business entities.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs in carrying out M&A transactions. Our assistance starts from planning the transaction structure, and then moves on to the due diligence process, negotiations and preparing transaction documentation, and is completed with post-transaction support. See how we can assist you.


  • legal support for M&A processes, including the processes of establishing, merging and division of business entities and processes involving the acquisition of significant blocks of shares / stocks, including financial market entities (investment and pension fund managers) as well as the processes of taking over the management of investment and pension funds,
  • conducting due diligence in connection with the planned transaction,
  • legal advice in the field of restructuring,
  • legal advice on the selection of the appropriate legal form for the planned activities, also in the event of the need to reorganize the enterprise or develop the capital group,
  • egal services for the sale of shares and stocks in companies, as well as the transfer of all rights and obligations of the partners in a partnership,
  • developing the legal part of enterprise restructuring programs,
  • legal advice in conducting transformation processes, including transformation of a sole proprietorship into a commercial company,
  • legal advice on the sale and in-kind contribution of enterprises or organized parts of enterprises, as well as sets of assets,
  • post-transaction support, i.e. consultancy in the field of the organization of newly established entities, operational integration, in particular in the area of IT, the corporate sphere of the enterprise, taking into account employee matters, and external matters related to ongoing operations conducted before the transaction,
  • consultancy and representation in all types of administrative proceedings related to serviced transactions as well as court and arbitration proceedings.

Because the experience gained by our lawyers over the years in servicing the largest transactions in the M&A market speaks for us – experience gained while working in the largest international law firms and corporations. We have successfully serviced transactions of significant value (over PLN 100,000,000). We have also participated in mergers of entities on the regulated market.

We are able to offer the highest standard of legal services and experience combined with an individual approach to the issue.