In both art and business, the intangible is extremely important.

Brands which have been built over the years and the accompanying know-how should have solid legal protection. Our lawyers have knowledge and experience in the area of acquiring intellectual property rights, as well as their protection. Our clients include individual creators, artists and designers, entities from the creative industry, as well as franchise networks. Check how we can support your business.

Intellectual property

  • legal advice in the field of intellectual property management in a company,
  • legal advice for individual creators in the field of intellectual property rights protection, including personal copyrights and combating unfair competition,
  • legal advice for entities of the artistic and creative industry with regard to ongoing services, issues related to contracts with subcontractors, acquisition of copyrights, conclusion of license agreements, agreements on the right to image or so-called product placement,
  • protection of innovation, consultancy on securing the rights of both investors and creators,
  • preparation of strategies, legal structures and documentation regarding both conducting and commercializing research works,
  • consultancy in the field of industrial property law, including the preparation of license agreements, agreements transferring rights, and regulations governing trademark use, 
  • due diligence in the field of intellectual property rights,
  • protection of personal rights and combating unfair competition, especially as part of protecting business secrets, the issue of product and label similarity, as well as unfair use of reputation,
  • protection of the right to a domain, including domain registration in bad faith, infringement of the right to a trademark in a domain or domain trade,
  • legal support in creating loyalty programs and managing the network’s client database, taking into account the requirements of the GDPR,
  • representation in disputes regarding infringement of copyright, industrial property rights, performance of franchise agreements.

Because nowadays intellectual potential is the basic capital that must be protected. We have comprehensive experience and substantive preparation in the field of providing services in this area. We have negotiated on behalf of individual creators agreements with international corporations, advised an entity from the film industry on the acquisition of the rights to a script; we have developed specific agreements covering intellectual property rights; we have supported our clients in securing their know-how during ongoing negotiations and during transactions, and we have repeatedly conducted disputes in connection with copyright infringement cases.