Franchising should be based on harmonious cooperation between the network owner and the entrepreneur.

Our lawyers understand the specifics of franchise networks. Thanks to many years of experience, we help to build and develop franchise networks, taking into account the legal requirements, various distribution models and various industries. We find practical solutions, mitigating the risks that franchise networks can face on a daily basis. Check how we can support your business.


  • legal advice in the area of building and developing a franchise network,
  • comprehensive legal support in the process of building, developing and protecting the visual identity of the franchise network, with particular emphasis on trademarks,
  • legal advice on the protection of know-how, confidentiality and non-competition issues for franchisees after they leave the network,
  • developing framework franchise agreements, internal regulations and procedures applicable in the franchise network,
  • legal advice in the area of competition protection law when building a franchise network,
  • advising franchisees, including providing opinions about and negotiating draft franchise agreements and identifying possible risks arising from the solutions proposed by the franchisor,
  • representation in disputes regarding the performance of franchise agreements, violation of intellectual property rights or violation of the prohibition of competition.

Because participation in a franchise network is based on contracts, procedures and regulations, the preparation of which requires specialist knowledge from various areas of law combined with the ability to apply it in practice. We have helped to develop franchise networks operating in the educational services, gastronomy and cosmetics industries. Each of them provided us with valuable experience, and our knowledge enabled them to improve their daily functioning and plan further development using optimal, individually selected solutions.