The Internet and technology offer unlimited possibilities, and the development of new technologies is progressing at an ever faster pace.

Legal regulations usually do not keep up with the reality that surrounds us. Entrepreneurs in the area of IT and new technologies need the support of lawyers who know the rules and are able to create and adapt existing legal solutions to unregulated areas. Due to their many years of experience, our lawyers provide clients with solutions that reduce the legal risk associated with each implemented project. Check how we can support the development of your company.

IT & new technologies

  • legal support for the implementation of IT systems, including the use of cloud computing technology,
  • preparation of license and service agreements (SLA),
  • developing contracts for the provision of IT services, as well as contracts for the supply of IT equipment,
  • legal advice in the field of IT outsourcing, including taking into account the requirements of the financial market,
  • legal support for data migration processes,
  • legal advice in the field of IT data processing, taking into account the provisions of the GDPR, including the application of the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default,
  • protection of rights to technology and technology transfer, including cooperation with universities,
  • preparation of effective legal structures for the needs of obtaining financing for new technologies,
  • legal advice for developers of computer applications and programs, including computer games and online games,
  • advisory for e-commerce, in particular in the field of developing contracts for creating websites / online stores, acquiring domain rights, preparing regulations, privacy policy, cookies policy, developing returns and complaints procedures, and loyalty programs,
  • legal advice in the area of innovative online payment solutions and mobile payments, creating structures and procedures for concluding financial transactions using electronic devices,
  • developing documentation related to the implementation of operational integration processes for business entities, in particular in the IT area.

Because we have many years of experience in providing legal consultancy services in IT and new technologies, including in the field of direct service of the current IT department in a large financial market institution. We have advised in the area of ​operational integration processes of financial market entities; we have issued opinions and negotiated implementation, service and license agreements for entities from capital groups; we have prepared regulations for the use of services provided electronically, and we also helped to build legal documentation that is the basis for the operations of small entrepreneurs from the IT industry.